everything tastes like fucking soap!!!!

Hyrule Market
Koji Kondo
Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Symphony
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Hyrule Market- Ocarina of Time Hyrule Symphony



Look at my spooky skeleton hairclip
I got it from cooldragon1998 for my bday

list of my kintypes / fictkin identities
snowager (neopets)
namira (skyrim)
giratina (pkmn)
probably a cuttlefish too





sleep fur and habit !

sleep: ive actually never had a dream about my kin

fur: i have some pics of my main kintype under my art tag, i willdraw some more later

habit: i roar like a dragon sometimes i guess

OTHERKN EDITION: Ask me stuff!

  • WHO: What do you identify as?
  • HOME: What places do you go that make you feel home?
  • MEMORY: Describe one of your favorite memories of your other life.
  • LISTEN: Make a playlist to describe your kin identity.
  • HABIT: Do you have any mannerisms or habits associated with your kinself?
  • DIET: What foods do you eat to feel closer to your kinself?
  • CRAVINGS: Do you ever get weird cravings or urges?
  • COMMUNITY: Who is your favorite kin blogger?
  • ERA: How long have you been otherkn? How did you find out?
  • FUR: Draw a picture of your kinself or selves.
  • OTHER: If you could have chosen your kintype, what would you want to be?
  • SLEEP: Describe a dream you've had of your identity. No matter how vague.
  • OUTFIT: What's your favorite kin-themed outfit?
  • CUSTOM: Ask anything else!
u probably know who this is but i just wanna say that ur gems tag is so good

thank u >:’)


CELESTITE (Strontium Sulfate) from Bombetoka Bay, Mahajanja, Madagascar.


CELESTITE (Strontium Sulfate) from Bombetoka Bay, Mahajanja, Madagascar.


Baby Hair Pins // $5

i did this avocado honey n oatmeal mask and my face feels magical